Based in the UK, The Left Shoe Wedding Company offers a range of planning and design services to help you realise your vision for your wedding day.

Whether you're interested in one of my services, or something a little bit more bespoke, I offer an initial free no-obligation consultation where we can get to know each other and what your requirements are.

Following this, I will send you a bespoke proposal and quote for my services.

There is no right or wrong way to have a wedding. It starts with a couple and ends with their union. As long as you've achieved that, it can be whatever you want it to be! ​

Traditional wedding ceremonies, venues and packages are not for everyone. The Left Shoe Wedding Company specialises in Indie weddings and blank canvas locations to help couples create a truly bespoke and personal celebration, which embodies and represents them for their individualism. 


If you're happy with the proposal. Sign the dotted line, secure your date and we'll get to work on your wedding!

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We'll schedule a free, no obligation consultation. 
I'll follow this with a proposal & quote for my services based on your requirements.



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Check out the images below to view more information on the packages



Starting From £1500

​It can be a little overwhelming to come up with a design and overall concept for your wedding day; you’ve probably seen an insane number of images on Pinterest and might be struggling to find consistency.  Perhaps you’ve found the style you like but have no idea how to achieve it, or you may be looking at everything published and wanting something completely different.​

‘The Aesthetic Package' has been created for couples who are happy with the planning aspects of their wedding day but need some help with the overall design and styling to achieve a look and feel that represents them.

In this package a design will be made from scratch, starting with a concept centred around you, the relevant suppliers and rentals will be taken care of and on the day wedding styling is provided. 

The Aesthetic Package

Starting From £3500

You want your wedding to represent you as a couple and you’ve already ruled out a wedding package from a venue, and you’re striving for your dream wedding. You want to take your wedding away from the ordinary and make it uniquely yours, but you already know that this is creating a lot more ‘wedmin’.

As a wedding planner and designer, I am here to guide you throughout the entire process of planning your wedding and help create the design to represent you as a couple.

I’ll do the groundwork for you and offer advice and support, taking into consideration all the intricate details required in wedding planning and design; leaving you time to enjoy your engagement. All you need to do is make the final decisions for your perfect day.


The Holistic Package


Starting From £2500

​Here's a little secret, it's perfectly normal to not enjoy the planning aspect of a wedding. ​

Many couples find it a stressful experience, and find themselves time poor when trying to balance the amount of work that's involved alongside every day life!​

Perhaps you're creative and love the designing of your wedding but don't want to be bogged down the logistics of the planning. 

Whatever the reason, 'The Planning Package' is here to offer a solution by doing the legwork for you; from finding the perfect venue, to sourcing suppliers and on the day wedding management, so you can sit back and enjoy your engagement and that valuable time with each other. 

The Planning Package

'People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.'

Dr. Seuss



Starting From £750

There are many reasons you may choose to have a smaller wedding! It could be because of budget, covid-19 or a desire to elope. Whatever your reasons are, it doesn't mean that your wedding planning or design should have to be compromised. 

This mini version of The Holistic Package combines wedding planning and design services for smaller weddings and elopements, for a wedding of up to 20 Guests.

Working from a design concept built around you, all you need to do is sign off the final decisions and enjoy your 'little' big day!

The Micro Package